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Strivers' Row


Black Business Row

The Cause

It was only after intense research that we discovered August is National Black Business Month. In its 15th year, we immediately asked ourselves how this is not more widely known.

We were also stunned to find out that despite Black people making up 22% of the city’s population, only 3% of NYC’s businesses are Black-owned. And the situation is not looking up. NYC experienced a decline in the number of Black-owned businesses - around 30% - based on the latest U.S. Census Bureau data. It is one of only three major US cities facing downward trends.

Understanding the impact of successful Black businesses on the ability of the Black community as a whole to thrive, we knew we had to do something.

The campaign

We don't like to call Strivers "influencers," but it's undeniable they are an influential bunch. So, why not leverage that influence to increase awareness of National Black Business Month and highlight 18 Black-owned businesses in NYC, our first Black Business Row? 

Participants range from a bed and breakfast opened 23 years ago in an 1860s mansion to an eco-friendly laundromat-café approaching one year of business. There's something for everyone and all are offered great promos during National Black Business Month. Check out the businesses here!

During the month of August, Black Business Row visuals appeared on 200+ Links across the five boroughs providing unprecedented exposure to featured businesses as well as Strivers. We also rolled out short video profiles on a handful of the businesses that live on our IGTV channel.

Realizing the importance of conversation in leading to solutions to reverse the adverse trends impacting Black businesses in NYC, we sat down with business owners and leaders, Strivers and public officials. Their experiences and opinions and have been compiled into a video piece distributed by Check it out!

Please click here if interested in being a screening partner! We’d love to gather and dialogue with your community, organization or company.