Strivers' Row
Strivers' Row





Event sponsorships & Branded experiences

We cultivate private (e.g. quarterly dinners, monthly gatherings/activities, retreats) and public (e.g. mixers, talks, panels, screenings) spaces for authentic relationship building. Connect with our vibrant communities of driven, culturally aware and socially-connected Millennials of color with a presence at one of our events. Or invite the Strivers to participate in an exclusive opportunity to interact with your brand.

campaign & Content Creation

Let’s work together to spread your message. We have the marketing and creative chops in-house to not only come up with an amazing idea that meets your objectives while growing the platforms of our Strivers, but to execute as well.

We also build our own campaigns to creatively draw attention to happenings and matters of the culture. If there’s alignment with your goals, come on board to help us bring our vision to life and reap the return.


Not to toot our own horn, but the Strivers are a dope bunch. They are accomplished, of diverse experiences and opinionated. So, if you’re looking for the young, Black and have something to say, look no further. We can help pair you with the perfect person for your project or event.

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